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Okhwan Yoon, Peace Activist in Korea

Okhwan Yoon, Peace Activist in Korea

We could find various kinds of peace activist in Korea.
I would like to introduce Mr. Okhwan Yoon, a South Korean cyclist.
Everybody could be a peace activist in his position and on the scene as their circumstances are permitted.

Okhwan Yoon

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Okhwan Yoon, South Korean cyclist
Okhwan Yoon
CitizenshipSouth Korean
Korean name
Revised RomanizationYun Ok-hwan
McCune–ReischauerYun Okhwan
Okhwan Yoon is a South Korean cyclist who has traveled to 191 countries by bicycle since 2001.[1][2][3] He is also a philosopher, writer, political analyst and peace activist.
Okhwan Yoon got his first bike when he was 6 years old and started to cycle around the rooms of his family home.[citation needed] In his teenage years, after coming back from school, he would ride around the villages near Seoul until it got dark. He wondered who lived behind the mountains and what it looked like there.
His mother raised him to be independent. In 1984, Yoon was arrested while demonstrating against the Chun Doo-hwan regime.
In 1987 Yoon graduated in law with a bachelor degree and in 1991 he started a trading company in South Korea. In June 2001, he quit his career as a businessman.[citation needed] He embarked on a bicycle journey, his stated purpose to support the idea of a more peaceful world and to plant the seed of the reunification of Korea. He has survived car crashes, malaria and kidnapping, and he almost lost his life from extreme heat and cold. In September 2009 Yoon met Marek Mackovič, a Slovakian director, in Cyprus. Marek started to shoot a feature length film about Yoon. On July 24, 2010, he filmed him in Kathmandu, Nepal and submitted the footage for the Life in a Dayproject, directed by Kevin MacDonald and produced by Ridley Scott. As top contributors, Marek Mackovič and Okhwan Yoon were invited to the premiere at Sundance Film Festival, where it debuted in January 2011.
In the summer of 2010, Okhwan visited Bhutan, the 191st country on his journey that has spanned over six continents. He has been to every U.N. country aside from North Korea. He ran marathons in Prague and France (Nice-Cannes) in 2011. He plans to climb Mt. Everest with his bicycle, and to visit MicronesiaTuvalu, and Aruba. He eventually hopes to join the National Assembly of South Korea and publish a book about his journey.[citation needed]


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  1. Mr. Okhwan Yoon showed a good case which everybody could be a peace activist in his mind and life.